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-    <h1>Manifesto</h1>
-    <p>The grand project of the Internet, supposed to have been created with the noblest of intentions by some, was created in
-    military research.</p>
-  <p>We supposed, perhaps naively, we could wrest the Internet from the hands of our insectoid masters.</p>
-  <p>Now, the Internet, true to its origins, is becoming increasingly cordoned off by capitalists into gaudy and soul-destroying
-    voids, filled with ads, misinformation, and hatred. Even more true to its origins in the military, the Internet has become
-    hyper-militarized by a small cadre of unsavory people, from bands of cyber-criminals, to micro-regimes, to global, despotic
-    superpowers.
-    <p>The ceaseless labor of programmers, artists, writers, and other workers has transformed the Internet into what it is
-      today; but this hardly represents the version ideal to all those workers.</p>
-    <p>As the Internet Krypto Klub, our mission is to build new tools, protocols, and services (and reclaim the existing ones)
-      that facilitate the transfer of techno-political authority away from unaccountable government organizations and Internet
-      mega-capitalists, and back to those ceaseless laborers.</p>
-    <p>Cryptography can reduce entirely practical cyber-attacks into purely theoretical problems that require immense scales
-      of time to solve. Through it, we can not only retake some of our privacy, but build entirely transformed
-      networks based upon mutual aid and trust.</p>