Food Not Bombs


Building international, intersectional, non-hierarchical, and effective networks of unity and solidarity.

Food Not Bombs is Building Networks of Solidarity

FNB Japan is part of a larger global movement; since 1981, Food Not Bombs has been fighting war & poverty.
Food Not Bombs is inclusive, intersectional, nonviolent, non-hierarchical, and dedicated to establishing invaluable revolutionary infrastructure.
Please come along and join us for a free vegan meal!

Picture of two people painting a Food Not Bombs banner.

Food Not Bombs is a non-hierarchical, international, intersectional, inclusive, and nonviolent collective. We are dedicated to direct action towards creating a world free from domination, coercion and violence. Our purpose is to address the needs of our community, and build powerful networks of solidarity and mutual aid.

We organize creative events, share free vegan meals to anyone, provide hot meals at demonstrations, set up literature tables to provide information about food, peace, and justice, and more.

We make decisions by collective consensus, without formal leaders or headquarters. We are inclusive of marginalized individuals and groups. We share food that is always vegan and free, without restriction, rich or poor, stoned or sober. We respect a diversity of tactics in activism, and seek to empower our community.

16 Mar 2019

Planning Our First Creative Event

Food Not Bombs Tokyo is planning a creative event this coming summer to raise awareness for our organizational efforts and express solidarity with the indiginous Ryukyuan people of Okinawa.

Upcoming Events

Picture of 5 FNB volunteers preparing food for a woman.

Our next event is a literature table on March 29, in Shinjuku Central Park Koenmae.